Wow the default config for nano on Manjaro automatically wraps-around text and adds a hard line break everywhere it does? Maybe I should have learned how to use a better text editor by now...

Regardless of your stance on how useful they are. None of ya'll can tell me with a straight face that "Pop Socket" doesn't sound incredibly gross.

Sometimes I still think about the time my ex posted a Facebook status saying they were quitting caffeine and I made a light joke about that on my twitter because I forgot they followed me and then they liked the tweet. No smartphone notification has before or since given me such panic.

Feeling more positive about my appearance recently and I really like this blazer so here's a rare photo of myself.

I definitely need to find more good LGBT follows on here, I know there's a lot of good people out there to follow but the struggle of finding people to follow easily on a small single user instance without many followers is real.

Why is that windshields wipers have no setting between "Moves once every full moon" and "Friction from the blades is going to melt the glass of your windshield" ?

I bet I could write a simple bash script that accomplishes thi-oops its 200 lines long.

Koss Porta Pros are the best headphones ever made. Don't @ me nerds.

The fact that individual Skittles are technically called "lentils" continues to fuck me up.

I have a weird tick where I basically have to have a fan on in the room where I'm working or I feel hot and stifled, I just need that air circulating. But the fan in my office is making a horrible squeaking noise and I'm trapped in the most first world catch 22 to ever exist.

13 year old me: Linkin Park fucking rules!

17 year old me: Linkin Park is edgy bullshit for losers!

28 year old me: Linkin Park fucking rules!

Nextcloud is seriously so great y'all. I mean I'm sure most folks here on Mastodon know that already (but I crosspost to twitter so I gotta let those guys know too). I set up Nextcloud on a whim and figured I'd keep using google drive but I almost exclusively use Nextcloud now. Its so easy to use and is good peace of mind regarding my privacy.

I always get a little depressed when I look into the notes on a Tumblr video that is pretty clearly fake or edited and people don't notice. There will maybe be 1 not out of 500 that says hey guys this is fake and its drowned in a sea of people believing its real.

@Gargron Actually looks like that was the issue. Guess I just skipped over the step by accident x_x oops. Thanks for the help!

@Gargron Hm, I think I did as I was going down the list of instructions in the release notes but I do recall the update being conspicuously quick, and that step should probably take a while shouldnt it? Its possible I skipped over it by accident. If I were to run it again having already done so that wouldnt be a problem would it? Just so I could double check.

@Gargron I'm sure you have more important things to do than help out a single user instance runner in over their head but I updated to 2.5.0rc1 and now a good number of my pages are not loading correctly. Seems to affect profile pages, the about this instance page and a few admin pages. Other pages seem fine. No errors during update and looking at mastodon logs via journalctl doesnt show any errors. Non-docker with apache as webserver running on Linux Mint. Any advice would be appreciated!

Further investigation shows the following in my Apache error logs. The favicon errors don't seem important but that sw.js thing seems like maybe a problem? But if the issue is with my apache config why am I just having issues after upgrading?

Any know why profile pages are not showing up right on my instance after 2.5.0rc1 update? Everything went fine with the update as far as I can see so not sure what happened. A few of my admin pages look somewhat broken like this too.

Finally watched Infinity War.

Thanos is a God damn idiot.

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